Large multinational corporations could afford the technology advanced inventory management, logistics and supply chain management for many small and medium sellers catch.

360 Zebra (Get global GELS)Creation of an international e-commerce sellers new pattern of logistics --e fulfill, do not allow you to store the library, without pipe work, staying at home and relaxed as treasurer.

e fulfill:Seller by sea, air, land, etc. to large quantities of goods transported and stored in 360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) designated country or regional warehouses, the seller by 360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) system clients online management inventory items and release delivery instructions, 360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) sorting goods according to instructions, and delivery into the hands of buyers worldwide.

Improve the efficiency of cross-border logistics and more money shipped worry province

  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • To put global trade
  • Commodity pricing more
  • Cargo security mode

Only the name and price of goods management, self-built warehouse, hire cargo handling, shipping, and all other parts Hosted call to 360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) stop the operation is completed;

Sellers may concentrate shipments with sales to 360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) around the warehouse and then sold the local distribution of the country, save 30% -80% of logistics costs;

Change the location of delivery of goods, increase product visibility, effectively increasing the amount of inquiries; goods after the problem occurs can quickly return the city to carry out the country with after-sales process, improve customer satisfaction;

Item pricing levels to increase sales and achieve competitive domestic sales, and overseas shipments sellers on the same starting line;

Effectively reduce the local delivery time, as fast as two days, a significant reduction in merchandise out of stock, lost cargo phenomenon.

  • Worldwide free storage space

    360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) warehouses and logistics centers around the world have set up the world's economically developed cities, such as Los Angeles, Oregon, Delaware, China's Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia, Seoul, South Korea, Germany the Berlin. Depending on your needs, you can put a global commodity, free to manage storage of goods.

  • Professional e-commerce users customized system

    360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) independently developed WMS warehouse management system, OPS Express operating system, ERP, ACC and other platforms. To provide the most advanced modern logistics technology, and beyond continue to create new international e-commerce logistics service mode. System interface simple and clear, easy to operate.

  • Open API interface

    If you have a large parcel, 360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) can provide you with an open API interface that provides a standard XML data format, can achieve seamless two-way data system, to achieve mass data operations, save on labor costs, reduce errors manually operated rate.

  • Tailor-made logistics solutions

    Tailored to your meet your merchandise logistics solutions, allowing you to spend the least cost, enjoy the highest quality of service.

  • One consultant Customer Care

    7×24×365Humane one uninterrupted customer service, by telephone, online customer service and other means to contact your customer service, ready to help you out.

  • A variety of ways and recharge the system automatically charged

    You can take Alipay, bank transfers and other methods prepaid shipping. Systems based on the actual weight of your goods, volume and other information, automate billing and chargeback, you can query real-time account information, shipping details. Accounts clear, easy to worry.

360Zebra (GELS global delivery) will continue to integrate high-quality logistics services, the opening of the route are not actively planning

    1. 01
      Consolidation Services

      Unit shipments of more than consolidation services。

    2. 02
      Photographing Services

      This service is available for a Unit current SKU inventory to shoot.
      Panorama: In order to shoot all goods within a parcel positive picture;
      Size: to take a package within a specified size photograph of an article;
      Packing List: to take a photo package packing list;
      Close-up: to shoot within a single parcel items a specified part of the picture
      (Eg waybill outside the box, color, barcode, serial number, etc.).

    3. 03
      Return Label Services

      E fulfill customers to apply online orders Return Label return.

    4. 04
      Comp Services

      The need for accompanying sample orders placed sample service。

    5. 05
      Packing List Service

      The need for accompanying packing list and place orders for print packing slips services。

    6. 06
      Invoice Service

      Comes with a list of invoices printed and placed on the need to invoice services。

    1. 07
      Labeling Service

      Customers need to paste SKU bar code label or product label adhesive labels Services。

    2. 08
      Print Label Services

      SKU need to print bar code label printing barcode labels for customer service。

    3. 09
      Plus transport and packaging services

      No orders to increase transport packaging transport packaging service (customers with packaging material does not charge this fee).

    4. 10
      Plus packaging services

      We need to add customers product packaging product packaging services。

    5. 11
      Warehousing insured

      Services for the storage process, the need for members of the shipment insured provided。

    6. 12
      Transportation insured

      Logistics and transportation services for the needs of the members of the shipment insured provided。

    7. 13
      Warehousing Split

      To return a single e fulfill the original order to provide a plurality of Unit SKU split service。