Service Features

Pioneered more than 300 kg large cargo door to door global logistics Intermodal new model --eship

Although there is no global bulk cargo door-far and wide, but the international express only about 300 kilograms door to door service, more than 300 kilograms of bulk cargo through air and sea? Transport, a number of intermediate customs clearance, commodity inspection, transport, etc. links to the business caused great distress, especially the lack of expertise in international logistics business, this part of the cost, time and operational skills loss.

Zebra Things (GELS global delivery) pioneered more than 300 kg large cargo door to door global logistics new model --e transport, so you do not need to worry about in between a large number of freight forwarding companies choose to compare, do not worry about the complicated import and export declarations procedures, and provide the most reasonable mode of transport and preferential pricing, all complex, cumbersome procedures for themselves, will be convenient and simple to bring customers

e ship: to provide customers with bulk cargo (300KG above) worldwide door to door one-stop service.

Customer networking (GELS global delivery) client instruction issued transport, zebra Things (GELS global delivery) according to customer's instruction home delivery, delivery to worldwide through Zebra thereof.

eCargo Product Description (top frame)

Stop delivery

Customers simply submit intermodal instruction, zebra Things pick-up, follow-up transportation, customs clearance, transport, commodity inspection, and other aspects of things are handed zebra.

New logistics system

360 Zebra (GELS global delivery) customized new international bulk cargo transportation system, including online submission of orders, tracking of goods, value-added services available online. System interface is simple and clear, easy to operate, control and cargo anywhere specific location information to facilitate integrated management. Saving time and effort and worry!

One consultant Customer Care

7X24 intimate one-hour customer service, by 4,007,200,400 customer service hotline, online customer service, enterprise QQ and other contact your dedicated customer service, ready to help you solve problems

A variety of ways and recharge the system automatically charged

You can recharge the freight through Paypal, bank transfer, PayPal and other methods, but also real-time query account information, consumer details at a glance, to facilitate ease.

Improve the efficiency of cross-border logistics and more money shipped worry province

Improve operational efficiency: just select the program and the logistics pipeline, customs clearance, commodity inspection, transportation, import and export of all aspects of the custody of zebra Things (GELS global delivery) stop the operation is completed;

Reduce logistics costs

360Zebra (GELS global delivery) integrate many freight forwarding companies of the cost of equipment and other advantages of resources to obtain lower prices through volume discounts and long-term cooperation, saving 20% -70% of logistics costs;

Send goods worldwide

Whether you're in a place where the world, provided that they meet the needs of e intermodal transport each line, the goods will be sent to anywhere.

360Zebra (GELS global delivery) will continue to integrate high-quality logistics services, the opening of the route are not actively planning
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To provide customers with full code transport insurance services。