• Things zebra strategic cooperation with Alibaba quick sell through "set of goods warehousing" logistics

    Beijing time on January 17, 2011, Zebra Things (GELS global delivery) strategic cooperation with Alibaba officially launched zebra Things (GELS global delivery) become Alibaba's AliExpress specified set of goods warehousing service providers, to join AliExpress open new pattern of logistics. This strategic cooperation will open up the domestic export full range of logistics, reducing buyers costs, enhance the "Made in China" price competitiveness, accelerate logistics efficiency and help small businesses solve the logistics problems of foreign trade. ...


  • Zebra Things to cooperate with the US eBay Logistics

    One to help uphold any person in any place can achieve any transaction for the purpose of e-commerce businesses --- eBay, a global leader dedicated to provide logistics for the international e-commerce solutions for enterprise networking group (GELS global zebra was sent --- ). March 2010, the perfect combination of both, bridge the logistics and information flow for international e-commerce buyers and sellers, no doubt to a greater extent truly efficient, fast, safe and convenient global shopping, meet more the different needs of consumers.


  • Zebra Things were pushing cooperation with Alipay overseas transport

    From May 31, 2013, Zebra Things Alipay jointly launched the "overseas transport" applications. The application is open to all users of Alipay to achieve Alipay users can easily select Application Center zebra as scouring the sea transport service providers. Zebra things, as the domestic first to introduce overseas transport professional international logistics companies, as many as 14 global collection of goods overseas address, to provide a global platform for shopping Alipay users, while helping to achieve global payment Alipay blueprint. Sea Amoy process payments, transport is different from domestic ...


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