GELS (Global E-commerce Logistics Solutions) Logistics Inc. is registered in California international logistics company, is a leading global logistics solutions designed to provide a group of companies for international e-commerce.

360 Zebra is GELS Logistics Inc. to integrate the Group's quality brand resources "zebra logistics" to create a powerful new platform for international e-commerce logistics. Overseas collection, export customs clearance, international transport, customs clearance of imports the country of destination, e-commerce, warehousing, order management designed for global e-commerce sellers or buyers of off-site distribution, e-commerce supply chain consulting and other services to meet different buyers the seller needs a one-stop logistics solution platform.

360 Zebra launched a new collection of e e warehousing services and products. Selection and integration of the world's best service network and transport partners, to create a professional 360-degree standard international logistics services e-commerce platform. A key e-generation income, enjoy shopping and global sourcing convenience; a key e warehousing, batch processing massive orders, storage and transportation in a relaxed home control and management of goods around the world.

360 Zebra worldwide warehouse and distribution centers have been set up in the world economy developed cities, such as Los Angeles, Delaware, Oregon and Chicago; Hamburg, Germany; London, England; Sydney, Australia; Osaka, Japan; Incheon, South Korea; and China's Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. 360 Zebra advanced automation equipment and a 360-degree three-dimensional storage space, to provide users with diverse and tailored logistics and warehousing services.

360 Zebra professional logistics technology team, advanced logistics technology and sophisticated international logistics service network, and continue to create new services beyond international commerce logistics model.

360 Zebra to customer demand for corporate demands, customer satisfaction objectives for the service to all complex, cumbersome and difficult logistics links to yourself, convenient, easy and fun to customers, provide better customer service, customers create a more pleasant online experience. 360 Zebra will make unremitting efforts, and continue to maintain and occupied a leading position in the industry, becoming the first e-commerce logistics platform.

With the growing 360 Zebra, in order to better serve our customers with quality service, GELS Logistics Inc. on March 15, 2010 to invest in China set up a state reserve of international freight forwarders (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a 360 Zebra Chinese company management in China 360 Zebra related transactions and conduct business.