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1. Out of storage operation fee

Fees Weight section Price/Unit
Out of storage operation fee 0.00LB-1LB(Including 1LB) $0.5
1.01LB-2LB(Including 2LB) $0.6
2.01LB-4LB(Including 4LB) $0.8
4.01LB-6LB(Including 6LB) $1.0
6.01LB-10LB(Including 10LB) $1.3
10.01LB-30LB(Including 30LB) $1.8
30.01LB-50LB(Including 50LB) $2
50.01LB-70LB(Including 70LB) $3.5

Price Description:

(1) out of storage operation fee charged by Unit, Unit weight at different weight charge different standards;

(2) Unit weighting calculation method: the actual weight is greater than the weight of the volume, the weight is heavy; if the volume is greater than the actual weight, weight is heavy volume weight, volume weight (LB) = length × width × height (INCH) / 139;

(3) out of storage operation fee deduction in the storage link, including the storage operation fee and the library operation fee;

(4) Effective date: 17 April 2013.

2. Storage costs

Fees Price standard
Storage costs $0.15/CBF/week

Price Description:

(1) Storage charge by volume, cubic feet (CBF) = length × width × height (INCH) / 1728;

(2) every Monday 00:00 deducted in the library Unit CBF (cubic feet) a week (Monday 00: 00-Sunday 23:59) warehousing costs;

(3) Unit volume is less than 0.013CBF, calculated in accordance with the minimum volume 0.013CBF;

(4) If the volume is less than 1 CBF, charge a storage fee of 1 CBF;

(5) Effective date: 11 November 2013.

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